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We are a supplier of satellite ground communications products, systems and related services in India and abroad. We offer sales and technical support including system engineering, integration, installation, commissioning, testing and repair of satellite communication equipment and systems for telecom, defence and broadcast applications. We are capable of designing, delivering and installing complete turn-key communication systems and networks for our customers in India, Asia and Middle East. We have system expertise in satellite communication-based voice, video and data transmission for private, public and government networks and offer to improve strategic capabilities and core competencies in providing end-to-end satcom solutions for commercial and defence applications across all platforms.
Our mission is to deliver exceptional value to our customers and partners by offering innovative, reliable and affordable satcom and media solutions to enable them improve their business outcomes; to strive for global recognition of brand Decibel and its core values and participate in growing knowledge-based economy by providing the region with innovative satcom solutions that help grow the information and communication technology; to empower our employees to succeed in every sphere of life.
Our Verticals:
1. Products: Supply of satcom equipment which includes large, mid-sized & small antennas, VSAT, mobile, flyaway & manpack terminals, amplifiers, LNA/LNBs, converters, monitor & control systems , modems, modulators & demodulators and satcom-on-the-move terminals.
2. Programs: For defence & government secured networks, high-throughput satellite solutions, broadcast & DTH platforms, corporate & commercial networks, maritime, oil & gas networks, television station workflow solutions
3. Services: Design, build, operate & maintain turnkey engineering services, maintenance support services and disaster recovery & emergency management services.
Products Products and Programs
Antennas ·      Earth station antenna subsystems 1.0 m-11 m in S, C, X, Ku, DBS, Ka band

·      Mobile land earth station antennas

·      DSNG/Flyaway and quick-deployment antenna systems

·      Fixed and transportable military LOS and troposcatter antennas

·      Feed and antenna control systems.

·      SOTM terminals

Electronics ·       High power amplifiers (S, C, X, Ku, and Ka-band); 100W to 3 kW

·      Up/down converters for C, Ku Bands

·      High throughput modems

·      Testing & measurement equipment

·      Monitor and control systems

Programs ·      Design, integration, installation and commissioning of satellite earth terminals, networks and communication subsystems

·      Turnkey radio and television transmission systems

·      Fixed and transportable data and video terminals

·      Earth station monitor and control systems

·      Integration with existing networks

·      Turnkey network solutions

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